the science of happiness webpagefx

The Science of Happiness Infographic by WebpageFX

While true happiness may have a different definition to each of us, science can give us a glimpse at the underlying biological factors behind happiness. From the food we eat to room temperature, there are thousands of factors that play a role in how our brains work and the moods that we are in. Understanding […]

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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby: Bigger and Better at 27

My hometown’s local radio station, KAML 990 AM, sings this Happy Birthday Baby intro every morning for their Birthday Bash. It isn’t exactly like this Dolly and Willie Duo, but I just couldn’t pass up including this classic video. The Bash is similar to your typical radio station birthday shoutouts, but they also held a […]

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Creative Minds Matter Julliard TXST Collaboration

Juilliard Joins Texas State for a Common Experience ‘Creative Minds Matter’

‘Juilliard Joins Texas State’ was selected as the Spring 2014 Encore University Arts event and made possible through student service fee funds with financial contributions and corporate sponsorship of Wells Fargo and Texas State’s Common Experience. Additional funding in support was secured through the Department of Philosophy and the School of Music.

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