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Comal River Tubing With Corner Tubes

5 Tips to Conquering the Comal


  1. Arrive Early, Bathing Suits On

    Pack the night before and wear your bathing suit in the morning. Be sure to remember towels, sunscreen, water and snacks.

  2. Park on  E. San Antonio Street

    Park and pick up your tubes, I prefer Corner Tubes. Apply sunscreen now and be sure to keep applying it throughout the day.

  3. Pack Ice Chest for Floating

    Pack plenty of water, sunscreen (SPF 50 or better is suggested) and snacks in a watertight cooler. If you catch the shuttle, you should be able to float the loop 2 to 3 times.

  4. Pack Extra Clothes for After the Float

    After spending 3 to 4 hours on the water, you’ll definitely want to change into something comfortable and dry.

  5. Pack Lunch or Walk to Nearby Restaurants

    Restaurants within walking distance:


Corner Tubes is located near the Comal River, just across the street from Hinman Island Park and the Prince Solms Tube Chute.

Corner Tubes is open 10am to 7pm weekdays, and 9am-7pm on weekends. In addition to our ALL-DAY RENTALS, we also offer late-day, overnight and multiple day rentals. We also offer shuttle services to Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio and anywhere in the New Braunfels area.

New Braunfels has two beautiful rivers, perfect for water recreational activities and cultivation [sic] appreciation of our natural resources.

The Comal River in New Braunfels is one of the shortest navigable waterways in the United States. The water temperature is a steady 70-72 degrees year round, which makes it refreshing in the Texas summer heat and warm enough for a morning swim in the winter months.

In order to protect the beauty of our rivers so future generations can have just as much fun on them as you do, we’ve created rules meant to protect you AND this area’s rivers.

More facts from Wikipedia
  • The Comal River (/ˈkoʊmæl/ koh-mal) is the shortest navigable river in the state of Texas in the United States. Proclaimed the “longest shortest river in the world” by locals, it runs entirely within the city limits of New Braunfels in southeast Comal County. It is a tributary of the Guadalupe River. The Comal begins at Comal Springs in Landa Park and flows 2.5 miles (4.0 km) until its junction with the Guadalupe.
  • The Comal was originally called the Little Guadalupe in early Spanish accounts. After Spaniard Pedro de Rivera y Villalón identified the longer river as the Guadalupe in 1727, the Comal was given its current name. The name means basin or flat dish in Spanish.

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