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Keep San Marcos Beautiful Spring Concert Series With The Crystal Creek Boys keep san marcos beautiful crystal creek boys

Free Admission at Plaza Park – Keep San Marcos Beautiful Spring Concert Series

Keep San Marcos Beautiful is a city initiative established in 2009 in order to promote keeping the city’s environment visually and physically pristine. This is achieved through our programs consisting of litter removal and prevention, community beautification, and environmental education. We strive to efficiently use our resources within city departments, as well as partnerships with organizations and individuals to advocate for a cleaner and healthier city. By working as one, we can improve the environment in which we all live, work, and play.

Thursday, April 3RDThe Crystal Creek Boys

the crystal creek boys san marcos texas plaza

After members of a few punk and metal bands joined forces with some folk and blues musicians, not to mention gut bucket players and washboardists, a strange and unlikely group of people played music under the name “Crystal Creek Boys” including one token girl. The music that came from it all included honky tonk, hillbilly, jug band, folky, bluegrass turned swing which keeps the band from falling under any particular genre. CCB does classify itself as “Hill Country,” and feels that one day the name will describe many other great bands which come from the area.

Keep San Marcos Beautiful Concert Series Thursday, April 3RD @6:30 PM

Triple Crown Friday, April 4TH @10:00 PM

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