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Pageant Queen to Drama Queen

This is me:
My name is Regina Ashley Rodriguez and I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1987.  That means I will be 24 next month and life’s been good; so far, I can’t complain.
I grew up in a small town near San Antonio, Kenedy, Texas; Kenedy is in Karnes County, and the post office is over 105 years old and we are still using it.  Kenedy is also the Horned Toad Capital of the world, although my friends and I don’t remember seeing any when we were growing up.  Today, Kenedy flourishes with visitors, as the oil rigs offer jobs, money and has stirred up a commotion in my little home town of 2,308 or something like that.

I was very active, belonged to multiple clubs, played sports, and was in the band. I was in drama one year and I also attended youth leadership camps including RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Association), in New Braunfels, Texas, as camp team leader.

Miss Karnes County Sesquicentennial 2004 Miss Bluebonnet Days 2004

In the spring of my junior year, I even won a couple of local pageants Miss Karnes County Sesquicentennial 2004, and Miss Bluebonnet Days 2004. I grew up watching and participating in these events every year since I was 5. I always dreamed that one day, I would be sitting on the Queen’s thrown.

The following year, my senior year, I was crowned homecoming queen. I am so honored, and privileged to be holding these titles in my hometown. High school was fun and graduation was complete!

Kenedy High School – Class of 2005
My graduating class was only a total of 37 students . A few went to college, a few to the military and most still reside in good ol’ Kenedy, Texas.
I left for college in the fall of ’05 to began my freshman year at Texas State University, in San Marcos, Texas.  College was fun and boy did I learn a lot.  I got a little crazy, but my grades always remained secure and my time, well managed. Another goal accomplished!

In four years, I completed my initial degree program. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and minored in Forensic Psychology.

Texas State University-Class of 2009

2 years later still proud, loud and more confident than ever. I write, blog, love web design and fashion. I hope to one day start my own video blog.

My online journey begins here.

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  1. Lol! You’re right, I never saw a single horned toad growing up. Hmmm… is this the great conspiracy of Kenedy, Texas?

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